Welcome to Yao Chen's Homepage


Yao Chen, Ph. D., Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science

School of Economic Information Engineering

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Office: B318-A Tongbo Building, Liulin Campus, SWUFE

Email: chenyao@swufe.edu.cn

Research Interests

  • Complex Networks; Large-Scale Optimization; Machine Learning; Hybrid Automata; Control Problems in Rail Traffic; Pedestrian Dynamics.

Recent News

  • The following paper was accepted on Dec 1, 2017:

Yao Chen* and Jinhu Lü, Delay induced discrete-time consensus, Automatica.

  • The following paper was provisionally accepted on Apr 1, 2017:

Zhijian He* and Yao Chen, Attitude fusion of inertial and magnetic sensor under different magnetic filed distortion, ACM Transactions on Embeded Computing Systems.

  • The following paper was provisionally accepted on Mar 16, 2017:

Yao Chen, Weiguo Xia*, Ming Cao, and Jinhu Lü, Asynchronous implementation of distributed coordination algorithms: conditions using partially scrambling and essentially cyclic matrices, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control.


Co-supervised by Prof. Jinhu Lü and Prof. Lei Guo.

Yichang is renowned for the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest power station in terms of installed capacity.

Jingzhou is renowned for its ancient history and museum.